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Humanitarian Aid

Rescue2000 is a platform to connect donors to small, local, and impactful charities across the globe. Rescue2000 focuses on three areas, hunger, shelter, and education. Rescue2000 aims to ensure transparency for donors to see the life-changing impact of their generosity.

The parent organization of Rescue2000, RESCATE 2000 INC, is a non-profit founded in 2000 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. RESCATE 2000 INC creates impact with programs such as food aid for the homeless, supporting struggling and recovering drug addicts, and providing school supplies for educational institutions. These experiences in the United States inspired the wider-reaching Rescue2000 initiative.

Rescue2000 is currently funding charity projects in Bali, Indonesia. The Coronavirus Pandemic has devastated the tourism industry on the island. With roughly 80% of the Balinese economy relying on tourism, the impact has been detrimental for millions on this island of 4.2 million people.

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Help Rescue2000 support and feed families in Bali, Indonesia affected by COVID-19.

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