Kitas House Project

Kitas Housing Project

In July 2020, one of the charities Rescue2000 partners with on Bali, Relawan Bali,
asked if Rescue2000 would want to raise donations to fund a housing project for
Kita. Kita is a kind, elderly, and single woman, divorced from her husband ten years
ago. She lived alone in a small hut in the middle of the jungle in Bali, Indonesia, and
did not have any children or immediate family.

The previous week we had visited
Kita on a food drop and her situation moved us. She was living in a hut made from sticks, cardboard, and scrap metal. We were all heartbroken to see a person, especially someone of her age, it’s unknown but probably well into her 60s, living in such a condition. She did not sleep on a proper bed, just a few blankets laid over a plank of wood. There was no access to running water or electricity, meaning that Kita would need to walk 2.5 miles whenever she needed fresh water. It was an inadequate shelter for any human being.

Thanks to the incredible donors, the project began two weeks after we decided to take action. This project not only benefited Kita but it also gave work to four construction workers who have been out of work during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

 The goal was to have the project completed by the time the rainy season came, and within three short months, Kita had a home complete with a kitchen, bathroom, running water, and electricity. We oversaw the project’s costs and made sure donors’ money was going towards the intended use. Now Kita sleeps on a proper bed, not a plank of wood. Every time she needs water she won’t have to carry a bucket 2.5 miles, and every time it rains she won’t have to worry about her house flooding. This project wouldn’t of been possible without the support of our generous donors and the selfless people we have had the pleasure to collaborate with in Bali!