Food-Aid Program

Food-Aid Program


Since 1999 Rescue2000, amongst other projects, has and continues to provide food-
aid to the needy in the United States in terms of homeless dinners, food distribution
initiatives and as one of the largest food banks in the state of Georgia. Since March,
Rescue2000 has expanded these efforts and know how to Bali, Indonesia, in the
form of partnering with local charities. In Indonesia Rescue2000 connects donors to
small local charities at the front lines of food insecurity during the Coronavirus
Pandemic. Rescue2000 sees firsthand the good work and impact these charities
make, making sure every dollar donated counts and connecting to these otherwise
difficult to reach organizations.

Food-Aid Program as of October 2020

Donation gone directly to this program: $6,152.99.

Approximate people whose food needs have been met for one month by this
program: 1,224

Quantities Donated

Rice: 4,690KG
Noodles: 7776 Meals
Salt: 306KG
Sugar: 306KG
Oil: 306 Liter
Eggs: 7,140

Each Food Package Contains

Rice: 15KG
Noodles: 24 to 48 Meals (Varies)
Salt: 1KG
Sugar: 1KG
Oil: 1L
Eggs: 15 to 30 (Varies)