Join our crowdfunding campaign and help us make a difference

Rescue 2000 is a charity dedicated to lifting families out of poverty. We do this by providing food aid and building homes for families who live in harsh conditions. With your help, we can make a difference for families who need it most.

How do YOU make a difference?

While changing families lives is no easy task, we think sponsoring them should be. 

Here are five steps you can expect:

You make a contribution

On average, projects start at $1,000 and can cost $5,000 or more depending on the project. However, any amount big or small makes a difference

We set up a food drop

Our team will set up a food drop to provide aid for struggling families in remote areas of Bali. Our aim is to provide families with enough food to last them 3-4 weeks.

We scout for the most vulnerable

On average, a food drop will provide aid to 20-40 families. During our food drops, our team scouts for families in critical need of adequate shelter.

A family's life is changed forever

We then choose one family to completely change their lives. We build them an adequate home to properly sustain a family and make sure to provide them with anything need for a fair chance at life.

We share their stories

On average our projects takes 1- 4 weeks to complete. We’ll keep you updated along the way and show the world the power of community and love.

Breaking down your impact

Rescue 2000 actively works to lift families out of poverty. In the previous 3 years, our team has built 25 homes for families in critical need for adequate shelter and has provided over 20 tons of food aid to thousands of struggling families in Bali, Indonesia

$1,000 Raised

Feeds 30-40 families up to 1 month depending on consumption and family size.

$3,500 Raised

Allows for the building of an adequate home for a struggling family.

$5,000 Raised

We are able to go above and beyond to bless a family with anything else they need such transportation, furniture, education, medical expenses, etc.


Most frequently asked questions and answers.

The average cost of a sponsored food package is $30 , and the average cost of an entire food drop is $1,000. Our food packages consist of 15kg or rice, 24 packages of noodles, 2 cartons of eggs, 1kg of sugar, 1kg of salt, and 1 liter of vegetable oil. These packages will typically feed a family for an entire month, and we are happy to be able to feed up to 100 families on every food drop. Every dollar donated can make a massive difference fighting world hunger.

Currently, we are partnered with local non-profit organizations to find the communities and families in the most critical situations that will benefit the most from our help. We believe everyone struggling in difficult circumstances is deserving of our help, and we hope to one day have the infrastructure to be able to provide for as many families as possible.

The average cost to build a home for a family here in a Bali falls in the price range of $2,000 – $3,000. Many Balinese villagers are living in extremely harsh conditions and cannot afford to live in proper homes due to the economical impacts of Covid-19. By choosing to sponsor a home you will enable our team to make an immediate impact on a family’s life by providing them with the shelter they innately deserve.

Our team has conducted food drops every single month since Rescue 2000 was founded in 2020. In this time frame, we have been blessed to be able to feed over 1000 families all thanks to the generosity of our donors. As we continue to grow, we strive to maximize our outreach, and we know with the support of our donors our potential is infinite.

We strive to keep a giving percentage above 70%. This means 70 cents of every dollar donated will go directly to providing for our projects. The remaining 30% will go to covering overhead costs, such as transportation, marketing, project fees, and more. No member of Rescue 2000 is on payroll, meaning every dollar donated goes directly to our cause. 

Absolutely! As long as there are mouths to feed there is work to be done, and we can use all the help we can get. Send us a message on instagram to find out the many ways you can help our team achieve our goals.